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Gocek Coves and Bays

Gocek Coves and Bays
Gocek is home to many magnificent coves and bays with crystal clear waters. The main ones are listed below:

1. Ciftlik Cove
2. Egri Cam Cove
3. Osmanaga Fountain (Cesmesi)
4. Atbuku
5. Gunluklu Cove
6. Boynuzbuku
7. Killebuku
8. Tasyaka Cove
9. Asilik Cove
10. Siralibuk Bay ( or Harbour )
11. Sarsala Cove
12. Manastir Cove
13. Kapi Cove
14. Hamam Cove also known as Cleopatra Bay
15. Kuyrucak or Kuyucak Cove ve Kursunlu Cove
16. Yavansu Cove
17. Merdivenli Cove
18. Gobun Cove - Read more on Kuyucak, Kursunlu, Yavansu and Merdivenli Coves
19. Uzun Ali Cove
20. Domuz Island
21. Tarzan Cove
22. Yacht Harbour
23. Buyuk (Large) Tersane
24. Incirli Cove
25. Buyuk Cove

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