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This city is surrounded by green fields, woodlands and has a snow capped volcano, and was once an old Seljuk settlement made from black volcanic stone.  


The city has a reputation of being conservative, religious and ultra-nationalistic sitting in the heartland of the Milli Hareket Partisi which is the closest thing to a fascist party to be found in Turkey.  Despite this, the people here have a calm acceptance of foreign visitors.  

Things to do in Kayseri

It has a flourishing business centre with traditional produce of raw textiles and carpets that are sold from medieval hans and the town was an important strategic location with a long history leaving it with magnificent monuments.  

Other popular attractions are the Sultansazlığı Bird Sanctuary and Mount Erciyes which is great for summer picnics and for skiing in winter.  

The glossy Kasseria Shopping Centre is a 15 minute walk out of town, has cinemas playing movies in the English language and is good for some retail therapy.


Ancient settlements in the area date from the 4th millennium BC and the ancient Chalcolithic site at Kültepe is 21km away that in Hittite times was composed of two settlements;
the Kanesh which was the kingdoms capital and believed at that time to be Anatolia’s most powerful; and Karum, a bazaar that was founded by merchants from Assyria, and was one of the oldest in the world.  Kayseri has been host to the Phrygians, the Romans, Persians and Byzantines, suffered Arab invasions in the 7th and 8th centuries and was taken by the great Seljuk leader Kılıç Arlan II in 1067, it was ruled briefly by the Crusaders and the Mongols, various Turkish chiefs, then Sultan Beyazit I in 1397 who was defeated by the Tamerlane before finally becoming part of the Ottoman Empire in 1515.  

Places to Visit in Kayseri

Covered Markets

The city has some very beautiful buildings that are still in use today and has three covered markets in the town centre, all from different periods; the Bedesten was built in 1497; the Vezir Hanı built in 1727 and the recently restored covered bazaar was built in 1859 and has 500 individual shops.  The citadels towering walls made from black volcanic rock are a good place to begin touring from and is where a 6th century fortress once stood but what you see today was built in 1224 by Selçuk Sultan Keykubad and has undergone much restoration, most of which was carried out by Mehmet II who also constructed the small Fatih Camii mosque.  

Anatolian Mosque Complex

The first Anatolian mosque complex to have been built was by the Selçuk’s in 1239 and is the Hunat Hatun which has a 13th century mosque and its medrese is one of the best and most beautiful examples of Seljuk architecture in all Turkey.  

Ulu Mosque

Another ancient mosque includes the Ulu Mosque, and Kayseri is known as the “city of mausoleums” because of the large number of tombs that are here.  

Gurgupoglu House Museum

The Gürgüpoğlu House museum has ethnographic items; the Kayseri Museum displays early Bronze Age, Hittitie, Assyrian, Hellenistic and Roman artefacts; and there is a huge Armenian church, the Surp Kirkor Lusuvoriç, which gives testament to the importance of Kayseri during the Byzantine Christian times.  


The town has a main bus station, train station and airport and the tourist office has timetables available for all of these along with lists of hotels and restaurants.  


Accommodation here ranges from budget to mid range and there is a wide variety of places to eat.  

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