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Kutahya Tiles

Kutahya is famed for its excellent tiles that are used all over Turkey particularly in the restoration of Ottoman mosques that have replaced Iznik original tiling and has become Turkey’s leading tile production centre.  
Many of the city’s modern buildings including the bus garage are completely covered in tiles, and there are ceramic shops on almost every street that not only sell tiles but all other kinds of ceramics including vases, dinner services and toilets, all of which Kutahya is now the nation’s largest producer of.

Kutahya's History

The earliest recorded settlers here were the Phrygians after which it endured the usual Anatolian conquests of Seljuk’s, Crusaders, Mongols and Ottomans, with Sultan Selim I in 1514 forcibly bringing tile workers from Tabriz in Persia whilst sending others to Iznik which instigated a 200 year rivalry between the two cities.  During the War of Independence the Greeks also occupied the city.  

Places to Visit in Kutahya

Ulu Mosque

There are well preserved Ottoman period houses in the main square, the Belediye Square, and the attractive 15th century Ulu Cami Mosque sits amid the lively bazaar area which stretches over several streets.  

Kutahya Museum

Next to the mosque is the town’s museum that displays local archaeological artefacts and is housed inside the Vacidiye Medresesi that was built in the 14th century.
Kossuth House
Also of interest is the Kossuth Evi which was home to Lajos Kossuth (1802-1894) who fled Hungary after a failed uprising against Habsburg rule and is immaculately persevered.

Kutahya Castle

The imposing towers of the castle (kale) overshadow the town offering wonderful views and was originally constructed in Byzantine times and extended by successors but only the western walls survive intact.  

Transportation and Accommodation

The main bus garage is a little northeast of the centre and a short walk to the town’s main square where there is a tourist information booth and budget and mid range hotels available with a range of eateries close by offering a variety of fare.

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