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This ancient Assyrian/Syriac town in southeast Turkey, is 80km from the city of Mardin on the west, Hasankeyf on the north, Cizre to the east and Nusaybin to the south and has are rock mansions, stone carvings, arched gates, Suryani churches with towering minarets, and is reminiscent of a medieval city. The Mardin Province is famous for handicrafts and silversmiths and some of the most beautiful examples of their filigree work can be seen and is called telkari and craftsmen can be seen in the Midyat bazaar keeping this tradition alive.

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Famous For

Midyat is known for cultivating bulgur rice (a very fine brown rice), pistachio, a unique Russian cucumber and melon, oak and bitim and produces some of the best quality grapes in the world.

Places to Visit in Midyat

Midyat’s Churches

Mort Smuni Church

This ancient building was constructed in the 10th century and used as a city centre meeting place and also held Bayram festivals.

Mor Barsavmo Church

The original foundations were laid in the 4th century AD and the church was rebuilt on the same foundations. 

Mor Aksanoya Church

This is the oldest church of the Marin province and was built over a temple in the 4th century.  It was fully restored using original ruin materials in 1961. 

Mor Sarbel Church

This church is one of the most impressive in the area and located in the centre of the province. 

Protestant Church

This church was built at the start of the 1900s.

Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) Church

This ancient church had no bastion and belongs to Catholic community.

Mor Abraham Church

This church was established by two monks from Mar Gabriel in the 5th century and has the main graveyard for the Christians of Midyat, and also a Meryem Ana dome.

Meryem Ana Church at Anıtlı Village

This church has rare architectural characteristics but unfortunately visitors are unable to see them today.

Hah Cathedral (Mar Sobo Church)

This 6th century cathedral, dedicated to Mar Sobo, has important historical works of art.

Hah Ruins

There are no written sources referring to these ruins that are located between Anıtlı and Karagöl although they do indicate that it was once inhabited by are large population.


Deyr-Ül Umur Monastery

This is 22km from Midyat and also known as the Mar Gabriel Monastery and its foundations were laid in 397 AD by Mar Samuel and has churches known as Meryamana, Resuller, Kirk, Sehit, Mar Sumel, Mar Seumun. There are also places of worship for priests, accommodation, tombs and a cemetery. The monastery is an Episcopal centre for the Süryani Church and is the oldest active Christian Monastery.

Deyrulumur Monastery

18km east of Midyat is the oldest surviving Syriac Orthodox monastery, the Deyrulumur (Dayro d-Mor Gabriel or St. Gabriel) and was built in 397 AD after a bishop there was said to have brought four people back to life and performed many other miracles. It was also home to a famous library where Syrian scientists were educated, and when the monastery’s fame reached the Roman Emperors’ Arcadius, Honorius, Theodosios and Anastasius they all contributed funds to construct buildings there, some of which still stand today.  

Midyat’s Mosques

Cevat Paşa Mosque

This was built in 1915 and has very thick walls, a courtyard and in the centre is a small dome.  The minaret is made from Midyat rock and is cylindrical in shape with two balconies, and is decorated with flowers and geometrical shapes.

Ulu Mosque

This was built in 18th century in a simple rectangular design with a courtyard, a single cylindrical minaret and one balcony, and is decorated with plant, flower and geometric designs.

H. Abdurrahman Mosque

Constructed in the 18th century this mosque has one minaret with one balcony.

Midyat’s Climate

Midyat and the Mardin Province have the same semi-arid climate with very hot dry summers and wet cold winters and occasional snow during December and January. The summer temperature can rise to between 40°C-50°C and the region has over 3,000 hours of sun per year.

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