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Muradiye in Bursa

Muradiye in Bursa
Muradiye is in a quiet neighbourhood, its streets have the best preserved medieval houses in Bursa and the area becomes a much livelier place on Tuesday’s, when the street market is held.

Getting to Muradiye

Dolmus run here frequently from Heykel.

Historic Places to Visit in Muradiye Bursa

Muradiye Hudavendigar Mosque Complex

The Muradiye Hudavendigar Mosque Complex was the last imperial foundation in Bursa and began its life in 1424 being built by Murat II. Here there are many tombs of early Ottoman princes, princesses, sultans and sultanas. Ten of the royal tombs are set in well tended gardens and are opened to the public on a rota basis (access to the closed tombs is possible if you can find the gardener with the keys).

Tomb of Sultan Murat II

The first tomb belongs to Sehzade Ahmet and his brother Şehinşah who were murdered in 1513 by their cousin Selim I to prevent any disputes over succession to the throne. The tomb is filled with beautiful İznik tiles, unlike the next tomb belonging to Murat II, which is very plain except for its fancy porch and Roman pillars inside. Murat II was the only sultan ever to voluntary give up the throne but pressures of state forced him back as ruler 2 years later and one of the few sultans to die in his own bed and the last one to be buried at Bursa. According to his wishes the coffin and dome were left uncovered “so that the rain of heaven might wash my face like any paupers”.

Tomb of Sehzade Mustafa

The next one along is Sehzade Mustafa, killed unjustly by his father Suleyman the Magnificent who suspected him of treason and possibly, out of remorse, had the tomb elaborately decorated with floral İznik tiling and calligraphy.

Tomb of Cem Sultan

Nearby the tomb of Cem Sultan, his brother Mustafa and two of Beyazit II’s sons and is decorated with flowers and abstracts with calligraphic strokes on the dome. Cem was cultured and sophisticated and the favourite son of Mehmet the Conqueror. After his father’s death in 1481 and losing the accession to the throne to his brother Beyazit II, he made his escape abroad. He wandered for 14 years seeking backing from Christian supporters, who were technically his jailers, first from the Knights of St. John of Rhodes and Bodrum and then later from the Pope.
Unfortunately all plans were intercepted by Beyazit who would then bribe the papacy handsomely to halt their plan of attack and by doing so made Cem their very profitable and diplomatic pawn. His captors eventually poisoned him in Italy in 1495 and all he left behind was hundreds of poems he wrote expressing his melancholy and homesickness.

Other buildings at the complex

Also on the complex are a medieval health centre (still in use), a soup kitchen that's now an Ottoman style restaurant, a historic Turkish bath, and two old Ottoman houses that are now museums.

Husnu Zuber House

Close to the Muradiye complex on Kaplica Caddesi is the former Ottoman guesthouse Husnu Zuber House which was built in 1836 and one of the few remaining houses of its time that is open to the public. It’s been very well restored has a typical overhanging upper floor, wooden roof and beams and a pretty garden courtyard. It also houses a collection of carved wooden instruments, farming utensils and spoons, many of which have been made by Hüsnü Züber himself and who is the current owner of the house.

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