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Places to Visit between Mugla and Dalyan

Places to Visit between Mugla and Dalyan
When traveling from Mugla to Dalyan, you pass from Mugla , Ula , Akyaka , Koycegiz and finally reaching Dalyan .


From the Mugla - Fethiye road you head inland to Ula to see the famed historic houses that underwent restoration by Nail Cakirhan, a Turkish poet, journalist and award winning architect and restorer.  Ula also has a bazaar and Friday’s is the main market day.


Leave Ula for Akyaka and pass through the Sakar Passage which is 600m high and has fantastic views of the Gulf of Gokova , and a little further up is the mouth of a cold water stream that runs down to the waters below. Visitors will find some lovely hotels, B&B’s and forest campsites; it’s a very beautiful place to trek and you can actually walk for 48km from the coast to Oren where the landscape and views on offer are stunning.


Leave Ula and stay on the Mugla - Fethiye road till you reach the beautiful peaceful small town of Koycegiz that sits on a lovely lake with the same name. Here you can walk along the banks, dine and drink at one of the many restaurants on the lake shore or stay overnight at one of the hotels. From the lake there are boat trips available to visit islands and the Sultaniye thermal springs and mud baths at Ekincik .


This is 30km from Koycegiz, is a very popular stopping point for the Blue Voyage Cruises and its beautiful village sits on the edge of the equally beautiful Ekincik cove.

Dalaman Stream Rafting

On the road between Koycegiz and Ortaca you make a turn at the village of Beyobasi and head left toward the mountains where the road leads to the historical bridge of Akkopru that crosses the Dalaman Stream from where you can go rafting. 7km further along from here are the banks of the Yuvarlak Stream where the restaurants will serve you freshly caught trout and is a wonderful place to stroll along its banks.


Leaving Koycegiz toward Ortaca you make a turn for Dalyan which is a major tourist centre where you can easily spend 3 or 4 days.  You can take a boat trip through the labyrinth of waterways here that are filled with reeds, they depart from the Koycegiz Lake area, stop to visit the mud baths and once they reach the open sea they stop for swimming.  You can see the fantastic Lycian tombs cut of the sheer rock face and visit ancient Kaunos with its outstanding ruins still in good condition.  Next you head for the fantastic and famous beach of Iztuzu which is where the species of endangered loggerhead turtles, the Caretta Caretta, lay their eggs.   Dalyan is also famed for its fish and you are spoilt for choice on where to eat from one of the many restaurants on its waterways.  

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