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This modern city of 330,000 inhabitants has had a long and unstable history but unfortunately there are no remaining historical or scenic attractions here.  The city is laid out in a grid plan with endless suburbs that extend 30km along the east-west coast and is famous for being Turkey’s main centre of the tobacco industry.  Most people here work either directly or indirectly for the state controlled company Tekel that produces cigarettes.  
Samsun also has a busy port which processes local agriculture and the city has many hotels and restaurants.  

Samsun's History

Samsun began as a Miletus colony in the 7th century and due
 to its strategic position has been besieged, seized and sacked by Pontic kings, Romans, Byzantines plus a few Turk tribes.  In 1425 when the Genoese controlled the city and it was a major trading centre, they burnt it down rather than hand it over to the Ottomans.  Samsun’s economy grew after the introduction of the railway in 1910 and when Ataturk arrived in 1919 from fleeing Istanbul , he began the War of Independence from here.  

Places to Visit in Samsun

The main points of interest are the Archaeological Museum, the Ataturk Museum and the Gazi Museum and there are the 14th century mosques, the Haci Hatun Mosque Camii and Pazar Mosque (Camii).  

Getting to Samsun

The main bus garage is 2km east of the centre and all main bus services run from here, and the train station is mid-way from the centre and is served by city buses and the dolmuş minibus.  Samsun Airport is 19km from town and runs a service bus into the centre.  

Amenities in Samsun

There is a tourist office, a good number of modern hotels and many restaurants to suit everyone and as Samsun hosts an annual national folk dance festival in the last week of March and an international trade fair during the whole month of July it is recommended to book in advance during these times.

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