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The town’s name means “Glorious Urfa” and local people refer to it as just “Urfa”, in commemoration of its resistance to the French invasion and occupation during 1918-1920.  It is also the place of pilgrimage for many different religions and a whole day can be spent touring the local monuments.  
Sanliurfa is believed to be the birthplace of the prophet Abraham and has a beautiful mosque complex that is mirrored in the waters of the town’s famous lakes and feels distinctly Middle Eastern.  Many of its inhabitants are Kurdish and you see hennaed tattooed women wearing veils and the men are in baggy trousers with traditional headgear. The city has a reputation for focusing on Islamic fundamentalism.

Urfa is believed by both Jews and Christians as the place where Abraham was summoned by God and where the prophet Job lived for a while, the area has been inhabited for many 1000s of years and one of the first Anatolian civilisations here were the Hurri settlers who built a fort around 3,500 BC and today is where you see the citadel.  They were followed by the Hittites and Assyrians and it was an important outpost when the Romans were fighting the Persians.  

In 2 AD it was a flourishing Christian city and changed hands between Byzantine and Arabs several times with the Arabs permanently taking over in the 11th century.  In 1260 it was raided by the Mongols after which it fell into obscurity before being taken by the Ottoman Empire in 1637 and became Urfa.  

Transportation and Accommodation

There is a bus station 1km west of the city centre and the airport is 6km south of the city and most of its visitors are Middle Eastern pilgrims on religious quests, there is plenty of budget accommodation available although less of mid to top range hotels and who to seem cater to group-oriented visitors and can be very over priced for independent travellers.

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