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Sarigerme Dalaman

Sarigerme Dalaman
As Sarigerme is located close to Dalaman International Airport and because of the modern accommodation facilities that have been, and continue to be built, it has fast become a popular tourist destination in its own right and where visitors come to enjoy its golden sand coastline, turquoise waters and backdrop of beautiful pine forest.  
Due to the rapid construction to cater to the tourism here, and before excavations were undertaken, the site of the ancient city of Physilis has to unfortunately remain buried under the shifting sands.  

The village of Osmaniye sits just 850m inland from the shoreline and Sarigerme gets its name from the Saricay Stream that links the village to the coastline that was once used for transporting timber cut from the nearby forest. The outlet of the stream would be sealed off to prevent the wood from escaping, thus gaining the name “Germe” which means to fence or tighten.  

Baba Island

The 7km coastline has shallow waters and just across from here is the island of Baba Ada, a popular holiday haven and stopping point for yachts sailing between Marmaris and Gocek . It is also popular for scuba diving and good swimmers are able to swim to the island, climb the rocks to the top and be rewarded with a fantastic birds-eye view of the surrounding beautiful scenery.  

Sarigerme Coastline

This coast is also good for taking long walks, there are lots of facilities all the way along that include food and drink, toilets and showers, sun loungers, umbrellas and changing cabins.  There are many small hotels and B&B’s and also a dinghy boat service to take passengers to Osmaniye.

Physilis Ancient City

Although most of the ruins are actually buried it is possible to see remains of late Byzantine city walls and a Byzantine church with two columns intact. These are located in the coastal flat land area in a valley next to Sarisu Stream and on its banks where it merges with the sea.

Getting to Sarigerme

It is located 20km from Dalaman International Airport and on route from here, just before you reach Dalaman, is the turning for Sarigerme.  You reach the village of Osmaniye first before coming to the coastline and if you are coming from the direction of Ortaca look for the Osmaniye-Sarigerme road sign before Dalaman.  If you need accommodation here we recommend you check out the Hotels at the City Guide Section.  

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