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This sleepy town has one of the best natural harbours on the Black Sea as it spans a peninsula at the foot of an exposed eastward headland.  The town’s 30,000 inhabitants rely on its fishing and tourism industries and it was once the location of a NATO listening post.  
The Sinop peninsula is the most northern point of Anatolia, it’s less than 200 nautical miles from the Crimea, and played a front line role during the Cold War as a US run base.  It is named after Sinope, an Amazon Queen who was a daughter of a minor river god and who attracted the attention of Zeus.  


The town’s location and natural produce encouraged a
settlement in the Bronze Age and it was an Ionian colony in the 8th century.  The Pontiac kings made it one of their main cities in 183 BC and the scourge of the Roman Empire, Mithridates Eupator, was born here.  It declined during the Byzantine period, and attempts to revive it were destroyed by Persian and Arab raids.  It was taken by the Selçuk’s in 1214 and was destroyed again by the Mongols.  The Ottomans annexed it in 1458 and in 1853 the Russians destroyed the Sinop and Ottoman fleets that were anchored here and which started the Crimean War.  

Places to Visit in Sinop

Places of interest include the small prison built in 1882 which before that was a dockyard and bastion of the citadel.  

City Walls

The city walls are very much in evidence and give the town an atmospheric feel and the first defences were erected in the 7th century by the original colonists and on the northern slopes is the fortress like Kumkapı that juts out into the sea.  At the harbour there is a bulky square tower which gives great views and where you can stroll along on the walls.  

Alaeddin Mosque and Alaiye Medrese

The mid-13th century Selçuk mosque the Alâeddin Camii is the oldest in the town and behind there is the Alaiye Medresesi that dates back to the 1260s.  

Sinop Museum

At Sinop’s museum there are artefacts dating from the Bronze Age upwards many of which were found at the Kocagöz archaeological site 2km southwest of town, and in the museum grounds are remains of a Hellenistic Temple of Serapis that was excavated in 1951.  

Beaches of Sinop

Sinop has two main beaches, the smaller is Kumsal and Karakum (which means black sand and you have to pay to get on it) can both be reached using the main bus station or take the dolmuş minibus from the town centre.  
The best beach is Akliman that has a fine stretch of white sand backed by pine forests and picnic areas and takes 20 minutes by dolmuş minibus to reach; it also has unpredictable currents which can make swimming somewhat dangerous at times.  


The bus station is next door to the prison on the western side and a short walk to the town centre where visitors will find a good selection of hotels which can become crowded in summer and there are also bed and breakfast options available.  For food and drink there are fish restaurants down at the harbour and Tea houses with seating along with waterfront, there are several bars and other establishments some of which play live music.

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