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This friendly town has great facilities offering nightlife and shopping and has beautiful characteristic Greek and Ottoman houses spread about the town. Above the town are the man made cave dwellings cut into the tuff cliffs that are now used for storage and stables for donkeys whose braying can be heard every morning at dawn.

Source of Income

Although tourism is the town’s main income, produce from the vineyards and apple farming remain part of the economy. The shops, hotels and other tourist related businesses have mostly been opened by the younger generation who moved from the caves to the town below.

Transportation in Urgup

The bus station (Otogar) is at the town centre where municipal buses and dolmus run to the neighbouring villages of Mustafapaşa, Goreme and Avanos and where intercity buses are also available. The museum, shops, banks and post office (PTT) are all nearby and the hotels are a short taxi ride away.

Things to do in Urgup

The main shopping street is Kayseri Caddesi Street that leads downhill to the museum and the tourist office. This office opens daily May-Sept 08:30-20:00 Oct-April 08:30-12:00 and 13:30-17:30 and is next door to the museum in a small park that has a nice tea garden. Although the square at the town’s centre is modern, the village does retain some of its rural charm with the towns people dressed in traditional work clothing, riding on horse drawn vehicles and donkeys. 

Visiting the Old Town

The best time to explore the old village is in the morning when the buildings carved into the rocky hills come to life, some of which have pillared and decorated fronts and others are simple caves with doors and windows hollowed out of the cliff.

Visiting Hill of Wishes and Kebir Mosque

To get to the famous Hill of Wishes (Temmeni) you take the steps up opposite the 13th century Kebir Mosque. The mosque has a 700m tunnel that leads through the hill out to a balcony that gives panoramic views across the countryside.

Temmeni Park and Kilic Arslan Tomb

Continue uphill passing the towns troglodyte dwellings and you arrive at a the Temmeni Park (open daily 08:30-18:00) and along with the “wishpoint” there is the Kılıç Arslan Türbe a Seljuk tomb dating from 1268 open to the public and a café that was once a medrese from the same era and has been renovated.

Urgup Museum

The small museum (open Tues-Sun 08:30-17:30) has friendly staff who will give explanations of the rather poorly labelled exhibits which include prehistoric ceramics, lamps, figurines, stelae, statues and other objects found in the area. 

Urgup Wine Tasting

You can go wine tasting at any of Urgup 6 wineries the best of which is the Turasan House in Esbelli 1km northwest of the town centre and the very friendly cheaper Taskobirlik Co-operative also just out of town in a kervansaray although they do have a shop in the town centre. The Cappadocian white wine is of a better quality than the reds as these are combined with other wines from the region which often have dyes added to them.

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