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Best Diving Spots in Turkey

Best Diving Spots in Turkey
The top 10 diving places in Turkey are as follows:

Ayvalik Deli Mehmet – Balikesir

Deli Mehmet diving area is 200 meters away from Kiz Island. It is world famous for its red corals. The area has two hills situated under water. One goes from 19 meters to 70 meters, while the second one goes from 29 meters to 70 meters. While diving here, you can see red corals, moray, grouper, octopus, conger, rockling and many more.

Kas Kanyon - Antalya

The area has a submerged ship that sunk 60 years ago while carrying cotton from Egypt. The ship starts from 30 meters deep and goes down to 40 meters. The canyon is very popular with photographers. Kas Kanyon also has a small cave situated at the entrance of the canyon.

Bodrum Small Reef - Mugla

Bodrum small (kucuk) reef is situated 200 meters away from Bodrum large (buyuk) reef towards the Bodrum direction. Small reef is a shallow section that is only 28 to 30 meters deep. This area is very popular with diving schools, especially due to the large number of fish available. Some of the fish in this area includes: grouper, dentex, moray and octopus.

Bodrum Large Reef - Mugla

Situated 20 minutes ride with a boat from Bodrum, Bodrum Large Reef has a depth that goes deeper in stages. The deepest section is 32 meters deep. While diving, you can see leer fish, grouper, dentex, moray, sea bream and if you are lucky, you can either come across barracuda and turtle.

Kas Flying Fish – Antalya

Located just across the Greek island of Meis, is famous with the number of lagos (waker) and grouper available. At the depth of 55 meters, there is an Italian discovery plane with three motors.

Afkule – Fethiye

Afkule is located 30 minutes boat ride from Fethiye harbor. Afkule, which is also known as Turkish Bath or Alaaddin’s Cave, is famous with regular and snorkel divers. The bay has several small bays and the water is 40 meters deep.

Minnos Kayaligi or Minnos Reef – Canakkale

Minnos Reef is situated south of Saros Bay, north of Gelibolu and it is known as the Guvercin Reef on the maps. This area, 100 meters away from the shore, has a depth that varies between 3 and 55 meters. Sea hares are available in high numbers in this area.

Sivri Ada or Sivri Island – Istanbul

Although the Marmara area is not a famous diving spot, Sivri Island (especially the 67 Tasi area) is popular with divers. Red corals and amphora offer a stunning setting to many photographers visiting the area.

Kas Besmi – Antalya

Situated just across the Greek island of Meis, the north section of the area has amphoras which are at 35 to 40 meters depth.

Karasu U20 Submerge – Sakarya

The area first became popular with an article on the British Sunday Times Newspaper in 2008. After the Second World War, the submarine that belonged to Hitler (which was 42.7 meters long and 4.1 meters wide) sunk here. Only 20 U20 submarines were constructed and this is the best one preserved to date as it is in shallow waters and never got decayed. 

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