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Do you know these about Turkey?

Do you know these about Turkey?
The only city in the world, which is situated on two continents (Europe and Asia) is  Istanbul .  Istanbul was the capital city of three big empires ( Roman , Byzantine and  Ottoman ) during its thousands of years of history.

- St. Nikola, who is known as Santa Claus today, was born in  Patara and worked as Myra (  Demre ) Episcopal in the  mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is believed that St. Nikola died in  Demre on December 6th, when he was 65 years old.

- Many important events about the early periods of Christianity took place in Anatolia . St. John, St. Paulus and St. Peter lived and worshipped in South Anatolia. After the crucifixion of Jesus, St. John accepted Virgin Mary to  Ephesus . Virgin Mary lived in a small stone house in Bulbul Mountain until she died. Today, her house is accepted as the pilgrimage place by the Christians.

Catalhoyuk , which is located in Cumra district of Konya , is described as one of the oldest settlements from the Neolitic Period. It lightens the history of civilizations as  Catalhoyuk is home to the oldest house ever found and the first holy building.

- Temple of Artemis, which is located in  Ephesus  Izmir , is one of the most important architectural buildings in the world. The ruins of the temple were brought to the British Museum, during the excavations of J.T. Wood (1869-1874) and David G. Hogart (1904-1905). The temple, which was built in the honour of the Goddess Artemis, was built in B.C. 800.

- The first money produced belongs to the Lydia Kingdom. Money was first printed in the capital Sardis in the 7th century. Lydia Kingdom is located in Salihli district of Manisa, in the  Aegean region of  Turkey .

- Turquoise takes its name from the word ‘Turk’. It was inspired and derived from the impressive colour of the  mediterranean coast of Turkey.

- The second biggest mosaic museum of the world is located in Antakya . Another large mosaic museum is situated in Leugma  Gaziantep .

- Coffee was first brought to  Istanbul from Yemen in the 16th century. Europe knew about the  Turkish coffee in the 17th century. Among the celebrities who loved drinking  Turkish coffee were Balzac, Moliere, Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo and Pierre Loti. Drinking coffee is still an important part of the Turkish culture. It is a special drink loved all over the world. 

- The most valuable silk rugs of the world are in Mevlana Museum in Konya . Marco Polo visited Konya during his journey in the 13th century and wrote in his book that he saw the best and most beautiful rugs of the world in this destination.

- The cave, which is known as St. Peter Church today, was the sermon place of St. Peter during his visit to Antakya . St. Peter is known as one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. The Pope declared St Peter Church as the first cathedral of the world and pilgrimage place for the Christians.

- Troya, which was the historical place of Troya Wars and the topic of Iliad of Homer, is situated in the west of  Turkey in  Canakkale . Today, the symbolic wooden horse allows visitors to feel the charm of mythological Troya in a mystic, epic and romantic atmosphere.

Anatolia is an important place in which King Midas, the father of history Heredot and St. Paul were born. Pennsylvania Museum archaeologists opened the grave of King Midas in 1957 and found the oldest and best-protected furniture.

- According to the legend, which is stated in both Quran and Old Testament, the ship of Nuh (Nuhun gemisi in Turkish) hit the Agri Mountain . Scientists made excavations to find the ruins of the ship of Nuh for centuries. Some scientists argue they found the place of the ship.

- All seven churches (  Ephesus ,  Smyrna ,  Pergamon , Thyatira , Sand , Philadelphia and Laodika ) which are stated in the New Testament are located in Anatolia.

Anatolia had an important role in spreading Christianity, which is one of the three main religions. All Councils, which were very important for Christianity, were made in Anatolia.
İznik Council, B.C 325
Istanbul Council, B.C 381
Ephesus Council, B.C 431
Kadıköy Council, B.C 451
Istanbul 2. Council B.C 553
Istanbul 3.Council B.C 680-681
Iznık Council B.C 787
Istanbul 4. Council 869-870

- The cartographer, who drew a world map very similar to how we know the world today, in 1513, was the famous Turkish captain Piri Reis . Not only his map includes the conquered parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and America but also it has the areas conquered later than 1513.

Sanliurfa , in which Hz. (Prophet) İbrahim, Hz. Eyyup, Hz. İlyas and Hz. Yakup lived, is named as ‘the city of Prophets’. Especially  Balikli Lake or Gol is accepted as a holy place located in Sanliurfa.

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