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Holiday Resorts on Aegean Coastline

Holiday Resorts on Aegean Coastline
The Aegean coastline is the area between Canakkale in the north and Marmaris in the south. The northern section of the Aegean coastline receives significantly less number of tourists compared to the south part, however it is home to the prettiest small towns, such as Ayvalik , Assos , Bozcaada and Foca .
When you are travelling from Istanbul to the Aegean, the first destination that you will come across is Canakkale , which is home to the ancient Troy . The ancient cities of Assos and Pergamon ( Bergama ) is also worth visiting. Lydian city of Sardis , the capital of Midas , is one of Turkey’s most impressive archeological sites.

If you would like to have a very tranquil holiday, you can visit Assos , Bozcaada , Kaz Mountain or Ayvalik . Assos is a small town with only a few small boutique hotels and authentic atmosphere with stone streets and ancient ruins. Bozcaada is an island famous for its wine and a relaxing environment. Kaz Mountain is great for those who like walking in nature as the area offers the most stunning mountain views and it is famous for its walking paths. The area has only a few hotels and small number of authentic restaurants. Ayvalik is a small Greek fishing town, built around a beach.
Located in the central section of the Aegean is the third largest city of Turkey, Izmir . The central and south part of the Aegean is the area that has been receiving foreign tourists longer than any other section of the country. This is where the ancient Ionia and old Caria was located, hence the area has Classical Greek, Hellenistic and Roman antiquities.
Half an hour drive south from Izmir is Cesme , which is currently the most famous holiday resort in Turkey. Cesme is a very authentic old town famous for its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches. A short drive away is the famous Ephesus that you should not return without visiting. Additionally, you can also visit Priene , Labranda and Alanda .
If you want a small town that you can have a relaxing holiday in the south part of the Aegean, we would advice Sirince and Birgi , which are two small well-preserved Ottoman museum towns.
Probably the three destinations of the Aegean best known between the foreign tourists are Bodrum , Kusadasi and Marmaris , which offers a lively holiday with large number of beaches and a great nightlife.       

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