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Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey
Hot air balloons has been around for a long time, going back to the end of the 18th century and has become a very popular activity in Turkey being used in city tours and regional activities.

Liquid propane gas is heated and fills the balloon and takes it up into the air where it can stay for very long periods if the flight is calm and winds are less than 10km an hour. It can also reach heights of between 153m and 458m with an experienced pilot changing direction and altitude.

Balloons are made up of 3 main parts; the Envelope which is the actual fabric of the balloon and holds the air; the Burner which propels the heat up inside the envelope and the Basket where the passengers and pilot stand. Other parts of the balloon include gas tubes, an altimeter and thermometer, wireless communication with an airport, a variometer and fire extinguishers in the basket. The basket is made from “vimin” a light synthetic material. The propane tubes weigh around 20kg each and carry the gas to the Envelope to keep it inflated. Each tube contains enough gas for approximately 45 minutes of flight and the balloon can lift around 772kg.
 To take off the propane gas is heated by the Burner and depending on the Envelope size there maybe 2 or 3 of these and the temperature inside the Envelope should never exceed 49˚C. When the pilot wants to end the flight he pulls on a rope that activates a valve and the air in the Envelope is quickly released. There is also a hole in the top of the balloon that can be opened to speed up the process.

Hot Air Ballooning Flight Rules for Foreigners

Prior to take-off all air vessels must register the balloon and full flight details to the Ministry of Communication, Civil Aviation General Directorate. If the balloon is flying for more than 15 days within Turkey foreign pilot’s licences have to be validated with the same Ministry.

The most famous place for hot air ballooning in Turkey is Cappadoccia .

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