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Magical Mesir Macunu

Magical Mesir Macunu
Merkez Efendi, the inventer of Mesir Macunu, was born in a village near Denizli and was living and teaching in Manisa when Hafsa Valide Sultan, mother of Suleyman the Magnificent , became sick.  Merkez combined 41 different ingredients to produce a remedy he called “mesir macunu” that she took and recovered so quickly, there became a great demand for the mixture.  On every March 22nd Merkez would go to the Sultan Mosque in Istanbul that had been built by the thankful queen and throw samples from the minarets to the many people waiting below and this tradition is still continued today.  
The recipe for the mixture is a prominent feature of the annual Traditional Medicine Festival that takes place in Istanbul near his tomb.
Today, Mesir Macunu is a traditional produce of Turkey also purchased by tourists.

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