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Medical System for Tourists and Pharmacies in Turkey

Medical System for Tourists and Pharmacies in Turkey
If you have a minor complaint, you can go to a pharmacy. Pharmacies are popular in Turkey as they are available on nearly every street in the major destinations. They normally have staff that knows English and they are educated to advice the medicine that would be useful for your complain. Some of the medicines available on prescription abroad are prescription-free in Turkey, and the medicine prices are cheap. If you need a medicine at nighttime, you should look for a Nigh-time Pharmacy (Nobetci Eczane), which is open all night long. Majority of the nighttime pharmacies are located close to the hospitals. Go to any pharmacy, and you will find the name and address of the closest nighttime pharmacy of that night (note that they change every night).
For little more serious cases, you can go to a State Clinic (Saglik Ocagi). They can give you prescription medicines, however they are not as qualified as the doctors available at the hospitals.  

Tourists will need to pay for the hospitals so it would not matter whether you visit a private hospital (ozel hastane) or public hospital (devlet hastanesi or SSK). While private hospitals are cleaner and better in terms of the care they provide, they are more expensive.
If you are too sick to travel to the hospital, you can ask an English speaking doctor to visit you at your hotel room. However, there is a charge for this, which is around €50.

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