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Mimar Sinan- The Master Architect of the Ottoman Empire

Mimar Sinan- The Master Architect of the Ottoman Empire

Mimar Sinan (1489-1588) was lucky to be an architect at a time where the Ottoman Empire expanded greatly, and to serve three Sultans- Suleyman the Magnificient , Selim II and Murat III.

He designed and built many of the finest civil and religious buildings. Sinan traveled the Southeastern Europe and the Middle East, which allowed him to get familiar with the Christian and Islamic architecture. While designing his buildings, he combined these two styles of architecture. However, rather than just designing buildings, Mimar Sinan also got applause for his bridge, harbour, ship and even military designs. His first commission was the Sehzade Mosque or Camii in Istanbul , built in 1548. After this, he designed the water works leading from the Suleymaniye Mosque and Belgrade Forest .



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