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Museums in Turkey with Free Entry

Museums in Turkey with Free Entry
In order to increase the number of visitors, some of the museums in Turkey cancelled their entrance fees. You can find the list of museums with a free entry below:
Istanbul: Adam Mickiewicz Museum
Izmir: Ethnography Museum, Teos Historical Place, Odemis Museum, Erythrai and Claros Historical Places
Antalya: Lymra Historical Place
Mugla: Becin Castle and Historical Place, I Assos Historical Place, Milas Museum, Balikpazarı Historical Place, Lagina Historical Place, Stratonikeia Historical Place, Gumuskesen Monument, Damlibogaz Historical Place

Aydin: Yörük Ali Efe House, Aydin Museum and Alinda Historical Place
Bursa: Turkish-Islamic Works Museum and Bursa Yenisehir Semaki House
Canakkale: Alexandra Troia Historical Place
Afyon: Afyon Archaeology Museum
Bolu: Bolu Museum
Balikesir: Bandirma Archaeology Museum
Adiyaman: Adiyaman Museum
Aksaray: Aksaray Museum
Adana: Anavarza Museum, Ethnographyand Misis Mosaic Museums
Osmaniye: Kastabala Historical Places
Bilecik: Bilecik Museum, Söğüt Ertuğrul Gazi Museum
Bitlis: Bitlis Ahlat Museum, Bitlis Etnography Museum
Cankiri: Cankiri Museum
Corum: Corum Bogazkoy Museum
Duzce: Duzce Konuralp Museum
Edirne: Edirne Archaeology and Ethnography Museum
Erzurum: Erzurum Archaeology Museum
Eskisehir: Yazilikaya Historical Place, Yunus Emre Museum and Pessilus Historical Place
Gaziantep: Yesemek Open Air Museum
Gumushane: Gumushane Museum
Hatay: Atcana Historical Place
Isparta: Yalvac Museum, Isparta Museum
Tire: Tire Museum
Kahramanmaras: Kahramanmaras Museum
Karaman: Karaman Museum
Kars: Kars Museum
Kayseri: Ethnography and Gupgup Museum, Kayseri Kultepe Historical Place
Kırklareli: Kirklareli Museum
Kirsehir: KirsehirMuseum
Konya: Nasrettin Hoca Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, Eregli Museum
Kütahya: Ceramic Museum, Kutahya Kossut Museum
Malatya: Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, Malatya Aslantepe Historical Place
Manisa: Sardes Artemis, Manisa Aigai Historical Place
Mersin: Narlikuyu, Mersin Museum, Tarsus Museum, Anamur Museum, Silifke Museum
Nevsehir: Urgup Museum, Nevsehir Museum, Haci Bektas Archaeology and Ethnography Museum
Rize: Rize Museum
Sakarya: Sakarya Museum
Tekirdag: Tekirdag Archaeology and Ethnography Museum
Usak: Usak Archaeology Museum
Van: Cavustepe Castle,Van Museum
Yozgat: Yozgat Archaeology Museum
Zonguldak: Karadeniz Eregli Museum

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