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Seljuk’s Top 10 Sights Not to be Missed in Turkey

Seljuk’s Top 10 Sights Not to be Missed in Turkey
The best Seljuk architecture is in Konya and other excellent examples can be seen in Antalya , Erzurum , Kayseri and Sivas although almost every town and city in Central and Eastern Anatolia have fine examples of Seljuk architecture. The best and most characteristic of this architecture can be seen in the magnificent caravanserais, madrasas, tombs and hans and the following are a list of works that are considered to be the best: 

Red Tower (Kizilkule) in Alanya

The Red Tower is located in Alanya, Antalya and was built by order of the Seljuk Sultan Aladdin Keykubat after he captured the city.  Construction of the Red Tower began in 1221 and took 5 years to build and today is a major landmark of Alanya, is considered as the city symbol and is also depicted on the flag of Alanya.

Yivli Minaret Mosque in Antalya

The historical Yivli Minaret Mosque is located in Antalya and was originally built in 1230 and underwent full reconstruction in 1373.  The famous fluted minaret decorated with beautiful dark blue tiles is Antalya’s major landmark and used as the symbol of the city.

Alaeddin Mosque in Konya

The Alaeddin Mosque is located in the citadel of Konya and is the main monument of the city that was constructed during different stages between the mid 12th.and 13th centuries.  The building functioned as the Mosque of the Throne for the Seljuk Sultans of Rum and holds the dynastic mausoleum.

Ince Minaret Medrese in Konya

A madrasa is an Islamic school and the Ince Minaret Madrasa (Seminary of the Slender Minaret) is one of Konya's finest and most impressive examples of Seljuk Turkish architecture and was built between 1258 and 1279 for the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate.

Cifte (Twin) Minaret Madrasa in Erzurum

The Cifte Minaret Madrasa was built in the latter part of the Seljuk Dynasty and is located in Erzurum, Eastern Anatolia.  It was built as a theological school in around 1260 and its name derives from the two fluted minarets that sit atop the monumental façade.

Uc Kumbetler in Erzurum

The Uc Kumbetler (Three Tombs) sit in the city centre of Erzurum, Eastern Anatolia and its believed these Seljuk tombs date from the 1200s and they actually resemble the nomadic tents of Central Asia.

Sultan Han in Aksaray

The Sultan Han is a large and monumental Seljuk caravanserai located in the town of Sultanhani, Aksaray and is one of the finest examples of Anatolian Seljuk architecture to be found anywhere and was constructed in 1229.

Gok Madrasa in Sivas

The 13th century Gok Madrasa is an Islamic school located in Sivas that has double minarets on the two sides of its imposing gateway and has highly decorated corner turrets and its façade resembles the entrance section of the Sivas’s city walls.

Divrigi Great Mosque and Hospital

This elaborately decorated Divrigi Great Mosque and medical complex sit in the small mountain town Divrigi in Sivas, Eastern Anatolia and were constructed in 1299. The superb and exquisite carvings and architecture of both buildings are among the most important architectural works in Anatolia and in 1985 were included on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Doner Kumbet in Kayseri

The Doner Kumbet is located in Kayseri and although its name means the “Revolving Tomb” it does not actually turn but because of its cylindrical form it certainly looks as if it should. The Doner Kumbet was constructed in 1276 as the final resting place for imperial princess Sah Cihan Hatun and is decorated in a high relief arabesque style that depicts plants and animals.  

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