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Time Difference Between Turkey and Rest of the World

Time Difference Between Turkey and Rest of the World
The time difference between the countries might sometimes be confusing, especially when you are calling friends and family in Turkey. Here is a list of time differences between Turkey and large number of countries and districts where you might be from.

FRANCE 1 hour behind*
GERMANY 1 hour behind*
ENGLAND 2 hours behind*
SAUDI ARABIA 1 hour ahead
IRELAND 2 hours behind*
SPAIN 1 hour behind*
RUSSIA 1 hour ahead
Eastern Part 7 hours behind*
Middle Part 8 hours behind*
Mountainous Region 9 hours behind*
Pacific 10 hours behind*
Alaska 11 hours behind*
Hawaii 12 hours behind
AFGHANISTAN 2 ½ hours ahead
ANGOLA 1 hour behind
ARGENTINA 5 hours behind*
Canberra Victoria 8 hours ahead*
South Australia 7 ½ hours ahead*
North Australia 6 hours ahead
AUSTRIA 1 hour behind*
AZERBAIJAN 2 ½ hours ahead
BAHAMAS 7 hours behind*
BAHRAIN 1 hour ahead
BELGIUM 1 hour behind*
BANGLADESH 4 hours ahead
BELARUS (no time difference)
BOLIVIA 6 hours behind
Fernando de Noronha 4 hours behind*
East Brazil 5 hours behind*
Western Part 6 hours behind*
BRUNEI 6 hours behind
BULGARIA (no time difference)
CZECH REPUBLIC 1 hour behind*
ALGERIA 1 hour behind
CHINA 6 hours ahead*
DENMARK 1 hour behind
ECUADOR 7 hours behind
Western Part 5 hours ahead
Middle Part 6 hours ahead
Eastern Part 7 hours ahead
ARMENIA 1 hour ahead
ETHIOPIA 1 hour ahead
MOROCCO 2 hours behind
FIJI 10 hours ahead
PHILIPPINES 6 hours ahead
GHANA 2 hours behind
SOUTH KOREA 7 hours ahead
GEORGIA 1 hour ahead
SOUTH AFRICA REPUBLIC  (no time difference)
CROTIA 1 hour behind
INDIA 3 ½ hours ahead
HOLLAND 1 hour behind*
HONGKONG 6 hours ahead
IRAQ 1 hour ahead*
IRAN 1 ½ hour ahead*
ISRAEL (no time difference)*
SWEDEN 1 hour behind*
SWITZERLAND 1 hour behind*
ITALY 1 hour behind*
ICELAND 2 hours behind*
JAMAICA 7 hours behind
JAPAN 7 hours ahead
Falkland Islands 5 ½ hours behind*
Atlantic 6 hours behind*
Eastern Part 7 hours behind*
Middle Part 8 hours behind*
Mountainous Region 9 hours behind*
Pacific and Yukon 10 hours behind*
KAZAKHSTAN 2 ½ hours ahead
KENYA 1 hour ahead
CYPRUS no time difference*
KYRGYZSTAN4 hours ahead
COLOMBIA 4 hours behind
COSTA RIKA 8 hours behind
KUWAIT 1 hour ahead
LATVIA 1 hour behind
LIBYA 1 hour behind*
LITHUANIA 1 hour behind
LEBANON (no time difference)*
LUXEMBOURG 1 hour behind*
HUNGARY 1 hour behind*
MACEDONIA 1 hour behind
MALAYSIA 6 hours ahead
MALTA 1 hour behind*
MEXICO 8 hours ahead
EGYPT (no time difference)*
MOZAMBIC (no time difference)
MOLDOVIA  (no time difference)
NIGERIA 1 hour behind
NORWAY 1 hour behind*
UZBEKISTAN 2 ½ hours ahead
TAKİSTAN 3 hours ahead
PANAMA 7 hours behind
PARAGUAY 6 hours behind*
PERU 7 hours behind*
POLAND 1 hour behind*
PORTUGAL 2 hours behind*
ROMENIA  (no time difference)*
SİERRA LEONE 2 hours behind
CHILE 6 hours behind*
SINGAPORE 6 hours ahead
SYRIA (no time difference)*
TAJIKISTAN 3 hours ahead
TAIWAN 6 hours ahead
TANZANIA 1 hour ahead
THAILAND 5 hours ahead
TRİNİDAD 6 hours behind
TUNUSIA 1 hour behind*
TURKMENISTAN 3 hours ahead
JORDAN (no time difference)*
URUGUAY 5 hours behind*
VENEZUELA 6 hours behind
PAPUA NEW GUINEA 8 hours ahead
YUGOSLAVIA 1 hour behind*
GREECE (no time difference)*
ZAIRE 1 ½ hours behind
ZAMBIA  (no time difference)
ZIMBABWE (no time difference)
* Countries with summer time application

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