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Top 10 Spa Hotels in Turkey

Top 10 Spa Hotels in Turkey
The following selection of spa resorts has received awards for their beautiful and stunning locations, exceptional luxurious facilities, their treatments and therapies, and for the expertise of their professional staff.  For those looking to relax and escape the trials of everyday life and want a revitalising holiday experience with luxury and alternative therapies, such as Ayurvedic, then Turkey is the place to come.

Six Senses Spa at Kempinski Hotel Bodrum

Head to Kempinski in Bodrum to discover your sixth sense;
the sense of harmony and serenity and a natural wholeness that comes when our five senses are in balance.  Guests at the Six Senses Spa experience something new that has been tailor made for them, is truly holistic, and designed to revitalise and energise which ultimately provides the tools, knowledge and support for creating a better quality of life.  The Six Senses Spa is a unique paradise with an area of 5,500m2 that has luxury treatment rooms, an indoor pool, a whirlpool, Turkish bath, sauna and steam rooms.

Richmond Nua Wellness Spa

Richmond Nua Wellness Spa has a unique concept that brings together various types of wellness taken from different regions around the world such as Europe, America, and Asia, where the guest’s health is restored and they regain their strength, radiance and beauty from the healing properties of the thermal waters.  Guests at the Nua Wellness are guaranteed a wonderfully pleasant experience in one of the best equipped and most immaculate spas to be found in Europe set within an area of 2,700m2.

The Marmara Bodrum Hotel Spa & Gym

The Marmara Bodrum is one of the most natural spas in Turkey using natural methods and treatments to aid the health and beauty of their guests.  The personnel at the Marmara Bodrum Spa are professional and experienced and include masseurs and masseuses, and guests are able to reduce celluloid, revitalise skin, detoxify their bodies, all of which helps to relax and give a younger and more beautiful appearance.

Sheraton Voyager Antalya Hotel Resort & Spa

At the Sheraton Voyager Antalya Hotel guests can book a Spa Lovers Package and indulge themselves in tension relieving massage therapies to ease away the knots and stress of everyday life whilst breathing in the clean fresh Mediterranean air.  The Sheraton Voyager is a wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of hectic city life and they offer special spa package breaks too!

The Ritz Carlton Laveda Spa

The Laveda Spa at the Ritz Carlton Istanbul offers guests a spa experience that no other spa hotel in Istanbul can.  Here guests can bathe in the revitalising ancient water therapies of the Turkish Bath and experience the 9 treatment rooms that offer a luxurious menu of services which include Laveda signature treatments, along with the sauna, Jacuzzi and indoor pool.  At The Ritz Carlton Laveda Spa guests are able to access the outdoors onto the terraces that overlook the beautiful blue water and the wooded shoreline of the Bosphorus.

Gloria Verde Resort Asklepion Spa & Thalasso

The Asklepion Spa & Thalasso sits in an area of 1,800m2 and is a health centre that offers therapeutic spa massages combined with Thalasso treatments. The spa has been designed with special lighting, sound and ventilation systems, that present a truly comfortable atmosphere and the magical deep sea therapeutic treatments that use the seawater and minerals having a wonderful effect that permeates body and soul.

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa

The Carussula Spa at the Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort boasts of 20 different therapy suites; a traditional Turkish bath, 2 Ayurveda Suites, 4 Luxury Spa Suites, 1 Hydrotherapy Suite, 1 Stone Therapy Suite, 2 Shiatsu Thai Massage Suites, 2 Bali Therapy Suites, 2 Couple Grand Luxury Suites, 3 Skin Care Suites, 1 Hand-Foot Special Care Suite, 2 Mono Suites and a traditional Russian Sauna bath.

Sheraton Cesme Hotel Resort & Spa

The Thermalife Thermal, Thalassotherapy & Beauty Centre at the Sheraton Cesme sits in an area of 2,400m2 that is known as the Renaissance Centre .  Here guests are offered the latest techniques and technological equipment designed to relax, restore and heal bodies. The centre has an expert physician, cosmetologist, physiotherapist, masseur and masseuse all aimed at giving guests a healthy, tranquil and revitalised experience.

Xanadu Resort Hotel Shang-Du Spa

The beautiful and luxurious Shang-Du Spa resort offers the best in spa treatments and therapies and is a sanctuary of tranquil relaxation.  The spa is beautifully decorated in a style using Mongolian and Ottoman cultures and has an excellent selection of exclusive treatments. These treatments and therapies are reminiscent of the Silk Road journey and range from Ayurvedic to European and Asian massage, scrubs and body wraps, aqua therapy, facials, manicures and pedicures.

Concorde Deluxe Resort Carpe Diem Spa

The Carpe Diem Spa at the Concorde Deluxe Resort is a wonderful place to escape the trials of life and offers an oasis of tranquil privacy where guests are completely pampered by professional staff using holistic therapies and treatments.  Carpe Diem Spa provides authentic personal care and attention to meet the needs of each individuals health and body requirements.  Guests can indulge themselves in luxury facilities such as relaxing massage therapies, revitalising spa treatments, the traditional Turkish Bath scrubbing and soap massage, nourishing Thalgo skin and body treatments and can sit and relax in the tranquil private Spa Garden drinking specially made herbal teas.  

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