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Transportation System in Turkey – Getting Around

Transportation System in Turkey – Getting Around

Long-Distance Bus

Long-distance buses are a frequent type of transportation in Turkey. There are large number of bus companies operating in Turkey, with different routes. You can purchase the tickets from the ticket booths at the bus stations called Otogars and from the sale offices in city centres.
The majority of the bus companies have free service buses from the city centre to the otogar. You can check the departure times of free buses at the ticket offices. The prices vary from one company to another, so it might be worth checking the prices from different companies (the sale offices of all the companies are just next door to each other).

If you would like to use the most comfortable company, rather than the cheapest, we would advice you Ulusoy and Varan, which are known as the premium coach companies. Kamil Koc and Pamukkale are also well-known companies.
The driver’s assistant, called muavin in Turkish, provides the passengers with water and aromatic cologne. Better companies also provide free tea, coffee, soft drinks and cakes.
The companies have a break every ninety minutes for 15 minutes allowing you to use the toilets or to buy food. The long haul trips, which are normally over 10 hours, take place during night time.

Dolmus – Minibus

Dolmus is cheap, frequent and practical. It is a car or a minivan that runs along a set route, picking up and dropping off customers anywhere on this route. To get on the dolmus, you just need to lift your hand as they pass by. And say “inecek var” when you want to get off. The prices are very cheap, normally around 1 or 2 TL. We do not advice you sit in the front as passengers sitting at the back hand the money to front passengers to pass onto the driver.

City Bus

You can pre-purchase the ticket for the city buses from terminals and newsagents. You will need to buy tickets for all the buses, except private buses in Istanbul.


Taxis are yellow coloured all around Turkey. You can either get on from a taxi rank or hail one in the street. You can also call one from the taxi company (you can find the numbers from the City Guide section of the website).
Each destination has its own taxi fares (that the local governments decide). While Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara has the cheapest fares, coastal resorts are more expensive.


If you are planning to drive in Turkey, we need to let you know that you need to be an experienced driver as driving in Turkey is challenging.
You can bring your own car to Turkey for a period of six months. You need an International driving licence, or your home country’s driving licence, registration paperwork and a third party insurance. When you enter the country, you will be issued with a temporary registration.
If you are planning to drive in Turkey for longer than six months, then you should apply for a Turkish driving licence.
You drive on the right side of the road. The speed limits are as follows:
50km/hr within towns
90km/hr for open roads
120km/hr for motorways
To rent a car in Turkey, you need to be over 21 and have a driving licence for more than a year. Some of the car rental companies that you can use are: Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Budget and Europcar. You can check the City Guide section of the website for their phone numbers.
Some of the companies allow you to rent in one destination and drop it off at another destination, however there is an extra charge for this.
Unlimited kilometre deals might be better as extra mileages will be charged at a higher rate.
After making a booking online, we advice you to phone and get the confirmation, as during the high season, you might get an email couple of hours later stating that they do not have a car available.
In Turkey, the most popular rental cars are For Fiesta, Fiat Palio, Renault Clio and Hyundai Accent.


The ferry that we would advice you to use is the ones between European and Asian side of Istanbul. You can also travel to the Princess Islands with the ferry.
If you will travel from Istanbul to the south part of Turkey, you can also use the ferries from Istanbul to Bandirma, Yalova and Mudanya.


There are many airline companies that you can use, some with very attractive prices. Turkish Airlines THY is the state owned company that has the largest network in Turkey.
Additionally, you can also use Onur Air, Atlasjet and Pegasus Airlines.

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