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Turkey’s Top Ski Resorts

Turkey’s Top Ski Resorts
The following list of Turkey’s largest ski resorts has been based on data taken from the Turkish Ski Federation and all of which in recent years have developed excellent facilities that have resulted in great family oriented skiing destinations.


Uludag is the oldest and most popular ski resort and is located 36km from Bursa. This wonderful alpine village resort sits between 1,800-2,500 metres and has ski tracks totalling 20 kilometres and its longest track is 2,000 metres. The best time to visit Uludag Ski Resort is from December to April.


Palandoken Ski Resort is one of Turkey's largest ski areas located in Erzurum and is believed by many to be the best as it offers great conditions with Colorado type powder, has good hotels and good facilities.  The skiing area sits at altitude of 3,185 metres and has good snow coverage in winter for 4 to 5 months.


The Kartalkaya Ski Resort is located 40 kilometres from Bolu, which is in the Black Sea region, and has a skiing area that sits at an altitude of 1,850 to 2,200 metres.  The best time to visit Kartalkaya Ski Resort is from December through to late March.


Located on Mount Erciyes, 25 kilometres from Kayseri, the Erciyes Ski Resort is one of the oldest ski resorts in Turkey. Mount Erciyes has an altitude of 3,915 metres which is the highest summit in all Anatolia.


Located 50 kilometres from Kars, Sarikamis Ski Resort has a track length of 1,200 metres and an altitude of 2,100 metres.  The best time to visit Sarikamis Ski Resort is from December to April when it offers good powder although it does only have a few and rather basic hotels.


The ski resort of Ilgaz is located 40 kilometres from Kastamonu and sits at an altitude of 2,850 metres and its ski runs are between 1,800-2,000 metres high.  The best time to visit Ilgaz Ski Resort is between December and April.


Located 50 kilometres from Antalya in the Beydag Mountains, Saklikent Ski Resort stands at an altitude of 2,550 metres, it has a short season; the skiing areas are between 2,000-2,400 metres and the snow depth is around 1 metre.


Located just a few kilometres from Ankara the Elmadag Ski Resort sits on the northern slopes of the Elmadag Mountain at altitude between 1,500 and 1,850 metres.  This location has no trees and is made up of alpine meadows and the best time to visit is between January and March.


Located in Kocaeli the Kartepe Ski Resort is a great place for beginner and intermediary skiers.  The hill of the Kartepe Ski Resort has a summit of 1,700 metres and has 3 chair lifts.


Bozdag Ski Resort is located 110 kilometres from Izmir and has a skiing season that runs from December to March.  The ski areas have a snow depth of around 100cm and sit between 1,700–2,157 metres high and the northern slopes are suitable for alpine discipline.

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