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Underwater Diving in Turkey

Underwater Diving in Turkey
The seas of Turkey offer divers a truly fascinating world with the remains of ancient cities, underwater caverns and sunken ships. All areas are accessible with the exception of military zones, those under protection and where scientific research is being carried out.

Diving in  Antalya & Around

Diving in Balikesir & Around

The area around Ayvalik is said to be the site of the lost city of Atlantis and offers some very unique diving experiences particularly off the islands of Gunes, Yuvarlak and at Kerbela Rocks. The waters around Kiz Island are also very popular and offer some fascinating underwater plant life from a depth of 19 metres.

Diving in  Mugla & Around

Diving in Datca

At Datca there are great opportunities to see sharks, dolphins and mediterranean seals at depths between 10-40 metres and particularly around the islands of Kara Incir. Esen Island has a good diving point and is connected to Datca Harbour.

Diving in Marmaris

Marmaris has a large selection of ancient underwater ruins and 52 diving points around the area including Dis (33 metres), Rodos, Kutuk, Burnu, Cennet Island, Kadirga, Feneri and Kargi Islands. The plant and marine life on the steep slope of the seabed off Cennet Island is especially beautiful.

Diving in Bodrum

Bodrum is renowned for having the best underwater museum in the world and offers great diving experiences at great depths, with caverns and a variety of plant and marine life including colourful sponges. Orak Island’s east wall exceeds depths of 100 metres offering beautiful rock formations in a shallow area and can take a whole day to fully experience. The waters around Kargi and Kocek islands reach depths of 20-30 metres and have ancient ruins with sea animals of all shapes and sizes. Catal Island and the Gemitasi coast also offer good dive sites.

Diving in  Canakkale & Around

Diving in Saros

A favourite spot with divers because it’s close to Istanbul and is full of submerged ruins. One such ruin is the Captain Franco that lies at the entrance to Canakkale Strait in the Saros Bay and its underwater plant life includes Black Fauna.

Diving in  Gokceada & Bozcaada

There are no diving schools in Gokceada but they can be found in the surrounding towns. Kuzu Harbour has submerged ruins from World War I and there are wrecks of ships and many huge anchors between Mermer Lighthouse and the Anatolian coast. In these waters are the islands Orfoz, Karayer and Essek that have a large range of sea creatures and other good diving spots are at Canak Harbour, Bakla Tasi, Pinar Dere Mermer Cape and the south of Tuz Cape. Bozcaada has a diving school and good facilities for tourists and offers interesting plant and marine life.

Diving in Mersin

Mersin’s clear waters offer many good dive sites including a sunken cargo ship at the western cape of Dana Island. On the northwest of Sancak Bay is a submerged island that has large ancient oil jars.

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