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Wine Producers in Turkey

Wine Producers in Turkey

Production capacity over 1,000,000 Liters

Doluca in Istanbul
Sarafin in Istanbul
Sevilen in Izmir
Kavaklidere in Ankara
Yazgan Wine in Izmir
Mey in Tekirdag and Elazig
Ataturk Orman Ciftligi in Ankara
Pamukkale in Denizli
Sarkoy Ciftlik in Tekirdag
Taskobirlik in Nevsehir

Ataol Vineyard in Canakkale
Biricik in Denizli
Kocabag Wine in Nevsehir
Kup in Denizli
Sobe Gida in Izmir
Talay wine in Canakkale
Acar Bagci and Fehmi Bagci in Tekirdag
Diren in Tokat
Kutman in Tekirdag
Erdogan in Denizli
Turasan in Nevsehir

Production capacity between 100,000 and 1,000,000 Liters

Kirkica Sirince Village in Izmir
Corvus in Canakkale
Altan in Denizli
Artemis Sirince in Izmir
Okuzgozu in Izmir
Askurt in Tekirdag
Bakus wine in Izmir
Baser in Tekirdag
Borsa Bortacina in Balikesir
Erdel in Denizli
Erna Vineyard in Izmir
Efmeyra in Denizli
Cinarli in Tekirdag
Cesme Bagcilik in Izmir
C Ankara Ekolojik in Izmir
Buyulubag vineyard in Balikesir
Ezel in Denizli
Ganos vineyard in Tekirdag
Gokkaya in Denizli
Yutancilar in Canakkale
Yalin in Nevsehir
Vinis in Ankara
Vehbi Bey in Denizli
Uygar in Tekirdag
Uluca wine in Istanbul
Tuna in Tekirdag
Sinassos in Nevsehir
Senol in Nevsehir
Sezer in Balikesir
Percin in Tekirdag
Osman Latif Aral in Tekirdag
Nikfer in Denizli
Melen in Tekirdag
Mete in Denizli
Lobiteks in Denizli
Likor, Ozen and Sarkoy in Tekirdag
Kayibag in Denizli
Karahoyuk in Nevsehir
Karaf in Tekirdag
Kalecik in Ankara
Husnu Turgut in Nevsehir
Hasturk in Tekirdag
Gueny in Usak
Gulor in Tekirdag
Ganos in Tekirdag
Gokkaya in Denizli

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