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Yachting in Turkey

Yachting in Turkey
The beautiful turquoise and blue waters of the Mediterranean , Aegean , Marmara and Black Sea that surround the south, west and north of Turkey offers coves, inlets, bays and beaches, is a paradise for any yachtsman and offers many choices of different locations to anchor every night. This area is home to the Blue Voyage boats and yachts that sail through idyllic waters visiting thousands of ancient sites that are on offer, the wonderful beaches like Cleopatra’s or to visit the eternal flame at Mount Olympus . The long summers and moderate winds blowing west and northwest make it ideal for sailing, allowing visitors to experience the warmth and hospitality of Turkey’s coastal villages and towns and appreciating the natural beauty of unspoilt sheltered bays and the mountains that reach 3,000m above sea level.


Gulet Cruises

The gulet is a traditional two-masted wooden sailing vessel that was originally constructed in the shipyards of Bodrum , Bozburun , Marmaris , Istanbul and those along the Black Sea coast. Although once used for cargo and fishing the vessels are now equipped with motors along with their fully functional rigging.  Passenger numbers vary according to the size of the boat but most can accommodate between 8 and 12 people. Chartering a gulet will include separate cabins for passengers, crew, services and entertainment and are equipped with most home comforts to ensure a comfortable relaxed atmosphere whilst cruising.
There are many travel agencies that can arrange fixed tours either for groups or individuals. Unlike large cruise ships they are able to explore secluded, deserted bays, coves and beaches along the coastline; sail into small harbours and coastal villages which offer the visitor a more intimate view of life. The gulet is a floating fully serviced hotel with a sea view from every room and gives you scenery that constantly changes.

If you will bring your own boat to Turkey, then we advice you to read  Entry & Exit of Foreign Flagged Yachts and  Leaving Yachts  in Turkish Marinas  

Best parts of Turkey for yachting

Cruising  Istanbul & Around

Cruising Cesme, Alacati and Izmir

Cruising From Kusadasi to Bodrum

The Kusadasi Gulf spreads south-southeast and has attractive bays, coves and beaches with an abundance of seafood restaurants, bars, cafés and parks.  There are many shops offering everything from beads and bangles to leather goods, carpets and jewellery. Kusadasi Turban Marina is one of the best equipped in Turkey and has wintering facilities for onshore and offshore boats. The town is famous for its nightlife with a plethora of bars, jazz/discos/dance clubs and cabarets. To the south of Kusadasi is the Dilek Peninsula National Park with its beautiful waters, serene inlets and coves.  In nearby Didim is the site of the once sacred Temple of Apollo and is a very popular tourist destination. On the beautiful beach at Altinkum you can sail and swim or visit the fishing village of Gulluk with its pretty port and many guest houses, small hotels or head a little further north to Kıyıkışacık which is said to be the birthplace of the mythical Dolphin Boy. On sailing out of Kusadasi Gulf the Bodrum Peninsula comes into view.

Cruising  Bodrum & Around

Cruising From Marmaris to Fethiye

Cruising From Fethiye to Kas

Cruising From Kas to Antalya


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