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Acibadem Hospitals Group


Old Turkish Lira Bank Notes

Although the Republic of Turkey was established in 1923, the first money was printed in 1927.

Turkey Photos

Unesco World Heritage Sites in Turkey

Turkish Desserts

Beautiful Sceneries from Turkey

Weekly Local Markets - Pazar

Black Sea Region of Turkey

Hamam or Turkish Baths

Turkey Property For Sale


4 Bedroom Luxury Villa in


1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Apartment


3, 4 & 6 Bedroom


Fully Furnished, Spacious Duplex Villa

Turkish Food Recipes

Catal - Cakes & Cookies

Tea Time Pastry

Meatballs in Egg Sauce - Main Course

Chicken & Courgette Soup - Soup

Leeks with Carrots and Olive Oil - Vegetable Courses

Main Course

Bulgur Pilaf - Rice & Pasta Dishes

Main Course

Fish Patties - Seafood Mezes

Hot Meze

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