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Cold Meze Yogurt Mezes Turkish Food Recipes


Haydari is one of the simplest mezes that you can make.  First mix the yoghurt and cheese with a spoon

American Salad

Although American salad is not a traditional Turkish meze, it goes very well with Turkish meat dishes. Cook the potatoes, carrots,

American Salad
Courgette Salad with Yogurt

You can either grate the courgettes and boil them in salted water until they are cooked; or you can chop

Courgette Salad with Yogurt
Carrots with Yogurt

Peel the carrots and grate them. Add a pinch of salt and olive oil. Add the crushed garlic and yogurt and

Carrots with Yogurt

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Turkish Food Recipes

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Tea Time Pastry

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Main Course

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