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Milk Pudding or Muhallebi

Milk Pudding or Muhallebi


2.5 glasses of milk
1.5 glasses of water
3 serving spoons of corn starch
1 serving spoon of rice flour
7 serving spoons of sugar
1 pack of vanilia (if not individually wrapped, 1 dessert spoon)

How to prepare

Pour the milk and sugar in a pan. Turn on the hob and let the sugar dissolve while mixing with a spoon.
In a bowl, mix the water, corn starch and rice flour.
When the milk starts to boil, turn the hob to a low fire and slowly add the mixture in the bowl.
A minute before turning off the hob, add the vanilia.
Put the pudding into bowl (you can decorate them with cinnamon) and let it cool in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

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