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Dried Figs Stuffed with Walnuts

Dried Figs Stuffed with Walnuts


15 Dried Figs
100gr of Walnuts Halves
120ml of Milk
112gr of Sugar
180ml of Water
Stick of Cinnamon
For the garnish: Double Cream or Ice Cream

How to prepare

Place the figs in a pan and cover them with water and add the cinnamon stick..
Cook on a medium heat for approx. 15 minutes until they have softened.
Drain and remove the stalks.
Make an indentation in the figs and fill with a walnut.
Place the figs in a small pan and sprinkle sugar all over them.
Add the milk, water and cinnamon and cook on a medium low heat for 15-20 minutes leaving some syrup in the pan.
These are delicious served with ice cream or double cream.
The Turkish name for this dish is Cevizli Incir Dolmasi

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