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Cigarette Borek

Cigarette Borek


3 sheets Filo Pastry
For the filling:
100gr of crumbled Feta Cheese
20gr of chopped Parsley
Pinch of Oregano
Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
120ml Sunflower Oil for frying

How to prepare

Place all the filling ingredients in a bowl and mix.
Place 3 sheets of pastry vertically on top of each other.
Cut them in half from top to bottom then cut from one top corner to a bottom corner diagonally.
You should now have 12 smaller pieces of pastry.
Place one teaspoonful of filling on the long edge of each sheet.
First fold the ends from the outside to the inside then roll it up.
Dip you finger in water to wet the end and seal the pastry and continue until all the sheets are rolled.
Heat the oil in a pan and cook them on a medium heat until a golden colour.
Once cooked place them on kitchen paper to remove any excess oil and they are best served still warm.
The Turkish name for this dish is Sigara Boregi

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