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Nearly all the towns in Turkey have a Turkish bath, some historic ones with a stunning architecture. Visiting a hamam would be a unique experience especially during cold winter days. The majority of the Turkish baths have separate areas for women and men, however there are also some mixed sex ones available especially at the hotels.

The admission fee varies according to the quality of the hamam and extra services available. The price should be stated either at the entrance door or on the reception desk.

When you enter the hamam, you will leave all your valuables at a locker (we advice you not take a high amount of money with you). In the centre of the hamam is the navel stone, called gobek tasi in Turkish, which is a raised platform with high level of heat.

If you would like to have a tellak massage you, you will lie on this stone. After you leave the hamam, you will be offered water, sparkling water or juice to hydrate your body (these might be extra depending on the hamam). 

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