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Everything about Cesme

Everything about Cesme
Cesme is currently the most famous holiday resort for Turkish tourists and is becoming increasingly popular with the foreign visitors. Cesme offers an upmarket, authentic holiday experience and is home to the second best surfing waters in the world.
It is in an ideal location, just a 40 minute drive from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport that receives direct flights from all over the world year round. Additionally, Izmir , the third largest city in Turkey, is only a 30 minute drive away.


33,050 permanent residents, however approximately 200,000 during summer months

Weather in Cesme

The weather is very warm during June, July, August; high 30s, sometimes reaching 40 degrees. The average temperature during September is 26 degrees which might be a better time to visit if you are not a fan of hot weather.

High Season

June, July, August
However, May and September is also very popular. The remaining months are quiet and some of the shops and restaurants are closed during weekdays. 

Famous For

Surf in Cesme

Alacati is known as the second best surfing resort in the world.


Mastic gum is obtained from the resin of the Mastic tree and used in making desserts and medicine for the digestive system.  

kumru Sandwich

  kumru is an oval shaped bread roll which you can only find in Cesme. The 'Yengen Kumru sandwich contains sausage, sucuk (Turkish pepperoni), salami, grilled cheddar cheese and tomato and is the most popular of these type sandwiches.


Alacati is an exclusive, traditionally authentic town, famous for its narrow, cobblestoned streets and stone houses.

Things to Do in Cesme

Surfing in Alacati 

There are 10 plus surf schools in Alacati that rent out all equipment needed to surf.

Beach Clubs 

Cesme is very popular for its beach clubs with a large number to choose from and are mainly located in Alacati, Dalyan Aya Yorgi Bay and Altinkum Ciftlikkoy.
The Cesme beach clubs host beach parties during the day and at night transform into nightclubs, there are several family friendly beach clubs available particularly the Paparazzi Beach Club located in Aya Yorgi Bay.

Thermal Spa and Mud Bath

There are several resorts where you can swim in thermal healing water and have a mud bath which are great for the skin. One of the most popular places is Sifne, which offer good facilities at a very reasonable price.
However, if you prefer to be really pampered we recommend you try the facilities at the Ilica Beach Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Radisson Blu Hotel. 

Daily gulet Boat Trips 

You can board boats in Cesme harbour which you can find in the town centre if you turn your back to the castle then take a right turn and follow the coastline for 300 metres and the boats will come into view, and there are quite a few to choose from. The boat tours take you to Donkey Island, Blue Bay, Winter Harbour and Makril Island, the majority of them offer a fixed lunch menu that is included in the price, and the price averages between 35 and 40 Turkish Lira per person.

Places to Visit in Cesme

Camper & Nicholson Cesme Marina

Do not expect a standard yacht marina as Cesme marina is very luxurious and has several exclusive restaurants and bars as well as an open air shopping centre. 


Alacati is a historic town protected by the government, offering an authentic experience. The narrow stone pavement streets have a large number of bars and restaurants and most of the tables found out on the streets are usually very busy and its recommended reservations are made to secure a good table; you may need to call two days in advance to guarantee this.

Cesme Castle

This is located in the centre of Cesme, it was built in 1508 and currently serves as an archaeology museum where artefacts are displayed that come from nearby Erythrai antique village, Alacati and the Kalemburnu areas.

Cesme High Street 

When the weather is particularly hot its recommened that you visit here in the evening after 9pm. The street has several cafes, restaurants and bars with shops selling bargain Louis Vuittons bags and Rolex watches (well, that's what the shop keepers call them!) and whilst there try the  home-made ice creams that come in an array of flavours one of which is Mastic and popular with local people.

Top Tips for your Holiday

Public Transportation 

There are four dolmus routes: from Alacati to Ilica, which passes through Camlik Street, from Ilica to Cesme, from Ilica to Ildiri (Erythrai) and from Cesme centre to Ciftlikkoy. These routes cover nearly all the sections of Cesme. The taxis are over three times more expensive than in Izmir city centre and this is due to the short high season and we recommend you negotiate a price before you get into the taxi. 

Exchange Offices in Cesme

If you have the opportunity, exchange your currency to Turkish Lira in Izmir city centre as you can get the best rate. The exchange offices in Cesme mainly use touristic rates. 

Hotels in Cesme

High Budget Accommodation

You should try Alacati's famous boutique hotels (prices from €180 per night depending on the season). Although the accommodation costs same as the 5 star hotels, boutique hotels in Alacati offer an unique authentic experience, and choose a hotel that is close to  Kemalpasa Street, which is Alacati's high street. A good option would be the Bey Evi. Also note that if you stay in Alacati village you will need to use transport to reach the beach
If you are travelling with your children or would prefer to be by the seaside you might consider hotels that are located in Ilica Beach area. There are five major hotels here; Ilica Beach Hotel, 7800 Boyalik Beach Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel and Altinyunus Hotel (also known as Gold Dolphin Hotel) and out of this selection the Ilica Beach Hotel offers the best value for money.
If you would like to experience a more private holiday check out our Cesme holiday rentals.

Medium Budget Accommodation

There are several hotels you can find on Adnan Menderes Street, which connects Ilica to Cesme centre, such as Piril Hotel and Captain Suites Hotel which are close to life of Cesme centre and have easy transportation links.
If you prefer to be close to Ilica beach there are several 3-star hotels in the area such as the Inkim Hotel, the Thermal Lord Hotel and the Hotel Kabasaka which offers guests good value for money.

Budget Accommodation

For the budget accommodation, Cesme centre is the best option where you will find several small motels offering decent accommodation. Additionally, you can choose smaller locations in Cesme such as Ciftlikkoy , Germiyan and Sifne . In Germiyan, we recommend the Albayrak Hotel as it's on the beach front and offers outstanding value for money.

Getting to Cesme


The closest airport is Adnan Menderes International Airport. From there Cesme is 85 km away and a 45 minute drive using the motorway. 
Option 1: TAXI There are taxis available at the airport. If you travel from the airport to Cesme you must ask for a fixed price (they have a list) and works out much cheaper than the meter price. 
Option 2: PRIVATE TRANSFER You can arrange a private transfer from Izmir to Cesme but you would need to pre-book this service and we recommend using Karadeveci Travel.
Option 3: HAVAS BUS* From just outside of the arrivals terminal you board the bus and they come directly to Cesme Otogar (Bus Station) it takes around one hour and costs 20 TL (around €8).
Option 4: TWO BUSES Take the Eshot City Bus Number 204* from the airport to Bornova Bus Stop and from there use the Cesme Seyahat Bus Company* just board the bus and they run every 30 minutes.
Option 5: BUS/TRAIN, TAXI, BUS You can either use the train* or the bus* to Alsancak ( Izmir centre), which is 10 TL (around €4) and run every hour, then take a taxi to Uckuyular Bus Station and finally the Cesme Seyahat Bus*. This option is only logical if you want to spend some time in Izmir city centre.
* Please check the timetable for the bus and train schedules as times may change or even stop depending on the season.

Road to Road Ships

The road to road ships from several destinations include Croatia, Italy and Greece and arrive at Cesme harbour (liman) which is located in the centre of Cesme


Cesme used be known as Cyssus and Erythrai/ Eritre during Roman times and Ildiri was the centre of the town at the time. Cesme was once an active trading centre because of its protected harbour. The town's name Cesme derives from the fact that it means 'fountain' in Turkish and because sailors and the Ottoman navy used to anchor here to obtain fresh drinking water.
The only two historical sites that survived until today are Cesme Castle and the ancient city of  Erythrai.

Beaches of Cesme

Ilica Beach

This is the longest beach in Cesme and one of only a few that do not charge an admission fee. Ilica beach is famous for its white sand and crystal clear water. There are water sports, sun beds,umberellas, toilets and showers avalable for a price and although this beach is one of the favourites there are limited amenities available. We also recommend you visit here on a week day as at the weekends it becomes very crowded.

Alacati Beach

There are several beach clubs, surf schools and a public beach available here. As we stated before, Alacati is world famous for surfing and although the beach can be very windy there are seldom waves and thats what makes this beach unique.The most famous surf schools are the Active Windsurf Centre and the Bora Kozanoglu Surf School at the Alacati Beach Resort.  A 2 hour lesson is €105, 6 hour lesson €145 and 10 hour lesson €195 and includes all equpment needed. If you want to rent equipment only, 1 hour is €25, 3 hour is €30, 1 day is €45 and 1 week is €155 (these prices are for guidance only). 
Some of the popular beach clubs are the Alacati Beach Resort (also has a hotel) and Babylon Beach Club (popular with celebrities).

Boyalik Beach

The beach lies between Cesme and Ilica and is moslty used by the local people living in Boyalik area. Although there are no amenities available here the water is as good as the famous Ilica Beach.

Aya Yorgi Beach

Aya Yorgi Beach is one of Turkey's most famous and Aya Yorgi Bay has several beach clubs offering fantastic entertainment all day long, everyday. As the bay is protected from the wind and waves it's the main choice of luxury yacht owners to drop anchor. The most famous beach clubs here are Paparazzi, Sole Mare, Marrakech, Shayna and Babylon. All the beach clubs have an admission fee plus parking charges (with the exception of Paparazzi who only charge for parking) and although they are somewhat expensive we recommend that you to try them at least once. 

Cesme Centre Beach

If you turn your back to Cesme Castle and then turn right walking along the coastline, pass all the day trip boats and go to the end of the promenade you will find this small beach and although it is not the best beach in Cesme it is convenient for those staying in Cesme centre.

Yildizburnu Beach

Yildizburnu Beach is a tranquil beach simply because not many people know its location. It starts at the Ilica Marina and ends at the Altinyunus Hotel. It's a very nice sandy beach but at the moment has no amenities available.

Ciftlikkoy Beach

This is  located at the entrance of Ciftlikkoy and although the beach has no amenities there are a large number of seafood and fish restaurants available nearby where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or refreshing drink.

Pasalimani Beach

This beach has a public section as well as private beach clubs and we recommend using the public section on weekdays as on weekends it becomes very busy.  The sea here is very clear and clean but its deep and starts from 2 metres. The beach clubs here are  Aqua, Fontana and Sunset which is the one we would recommend using.

Pirlanta Beach

If you want to windsurf and kitesurf this is the beach we would recommend as its windy and wavy. The beach is also child-friendly as it is very sandy with shallow water. The beach has no admision fee, there is a cafe available as well as shower, toilet and changing room facilities. 

Ildir Beach

This is one of the few beaches in Cesme that has no sand and if you want a sandy beach you can take a boat from Erythrai Noble Hotel that takes you to a nearby island with a stunning beach; the boat service is very cheap and very frequent.

Eating in Cesme


Cesme is famous for its fish restaurants and the small town resort of  Dalyan is particularly well known for serving the freshest fish in Turkey offering the days catch from many resturants that line the waterside here. Menu prices vary according to the decor, location and popularity of the restaurant so do ask before you make a choice, as the price of the meze (starters) and salads usually stay the same the price of the fish changes daily. 

There are of course many other fish restaurants all over Cesme and we would like to recommend the Karina Restaurant in Alacati. Although it's not by the seaside the food here is very delicious and the restaurant offers a modern twist to traditional food. Also recommended is the Langusta Restaurant in Ciftlikkoy and Dalyan and although its very expensive you are guaranteed the best lobster, prawn and seafood dishes you will possibly ever taste. 


Alacati is the location in Cesme that offers the widest range of cuisines with more than 50 restaurants available to choose from which include traditional Turkish, Ottoman, Italian, French, Japanese and American cuisines. Alacati has restaurants to suit all budgets but the majority of them are fairly pricey. Tuval Restaurant is the most famous and the busiest restaurant in Alacati but we certainly recommend that you try it and after visit Kose Kahve for your desserts and coffee. 

Cesme Marina

The marina has several restaurants and cafes offering a variety of cuisines. If you would like to try Turkish desserts there are lots of cafes available along the yacht marina. Cesme Marina offers the full package as you can have your afternoon tea and pastries at a cafe, have your dinner at a fancy restaurant and end the night partying at a bar.

Foods to Try 

Obviously, we recommend the kumru sandwich at least once during your stay in Cesme. The two most popular places for this are Kumrucu Sevki and Kumrucu Huseyin and you are never far away from a kumrucu shop as there are many available in and around Cesme
In Cesme, fresh home-made ice cream is a big deal and there are many ice cream parlours avalable selling every flavour imaginable uisng all kinds of fresh fruit.   

Cesme Nightlife


All the beach clubs in Cesme transform into nightclubs once the sun goes down and the most popular of which are located in Aya Yorgi Bay. Check out Sole Mare, Marrakech, Shayna, Babylon and Paparazzi which all have a capacity for around 3,000 people. Although the clubs open early crowds don't arrive till after 11pm and the usually close just before sunrise. Alacati has the Masquerade and Okuz Clubs that open and close at the same time.


There are many bars in Alacati and several located in Ilica's Yildizburnu like the No. 15 bar that we highly recommend as its a great place to sip a glass of wine whilst looking out on a stunning view and listening to the cool jazz music that's played there.


Cesme Centre 

The centre of Cesme has the highest number of shops including souvenir, carpet, leather and clothing. On the main street the shops stay open until midnight.
For expensive designer brands head to Cesme Marina, its only a 3 minute walking distance from the castle.


Alacati is famous for bespoke fashion boutiques, antique dealers, art galleries and jewellers. Most of the shops have limited edition fashion wear and accessories including those produced by local designers.

Food shopping

Tansas, Migros, Kipa, Gima, Bim, Sok are major supermarket brands. The largest supermarkets are Tansas located near Cesme bus station and Migros located opposite Ilica bus station and another at the Dalyan road junction. 
Cesme has several daily markets selling fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, herbs, different cheeses etc.,and many types of clothing. Alacati market is the largest and takes place every Saturday.

Distance from Cesme

to Izmir - 64 km Approximately 40 minutes by car
to Ephesus - 141 km Approximately 2 hours by car
to Kusadasi - 169 km Approximately 2 hours by car
to Altinkum Didim - 233 km Approximately 3 hours by car
to Bodrum - 321 km Approximately 4 hours by car
to Istanbul - 351 km to Bandirma, then take the ferry to Istanbul Approximately 6 hours by car. 
to Antalya - 533 km Approximately 7,5 hours by car

Things Not to Miss in Cesme

- Windsurf in Alacati
- Cover yourself with mud and throw yourself into thermal waters
- Eat Kumru 
- Dine at a fish restaurant
- Take a walk on Alacati's main street (Kemalpasa Street)
- Go to a beach club

Cesme Photos

Cesme Castle

Paparazzi Beach & Nightclub Cesme

Quente & Aquente Beach Club Cesme

Marrakech Beach and Night Club Cesme

Ovacik Cesme

Sole Mare Beach Club Cesme

Cesme Property For Sale


6 Bedroom Luxury Villa in


Ultra Luxurious Villa with Private


Great sea view 3 bed


Villa in the Most Luxurious

Turkish Food Recipes

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Stuffed Kale Rolls with Minced Beef - Red Meat Courses

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Swordfish on Skewers - Other Main Courses

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Gozleme with Potato Filling - Pastries

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Fried Calamari - Seafood Mezes

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