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Denizli - Pamukkale Hierapolis Karahayit Aphrodisias

Denizli - Pamukkale Hierapolis Karahayit Aphrodisias
From Bodrum heading to Yatagan - Mugla via Kale - Tavas you will reach the industrial town of Denizli.  Here you will find many textile factories and workshops along with industrial markets.  


Laodikeia is the nearest ancient settlement which you will find 5km along the Denizli - Pamukkale road. The first thing you see is the theatre of the ancient city followed by the extremely well preserved fountain adorned with engravings and statues along with remains of a temple and gymnasium.


Just 9km from Denizli is the natural wonder of Pamukkale’s extraordinary structure that has been created by the erosion of water full of minerals which have formed many terraces that stretch across its landscape creating snow white travertine and hence its name which translates to “Cotton Castle”.  This is a very popular place with tourists who come to walk and bath in the healing water and thermal springs and has many hotels and restaurants to cater for the vast amount of visitors.


The ancient city of Hierapolis is right next to the terraces of Pamukkale and has the Pamukkale Museum which is actually housed inside the ancient bath of the city; there is a road with columns that had shops on either side that remain in fairly good condition, a church dedicated to St. Philip the Apostle and the Arch of Domitian. There are also remains of baths everywhere and a necropolis that extends for 2kms.


Karahayit is 5km from Denizli and the water here has the same characteristics as Pamukkale and there are many thermal water hotels are in the area.  Following the Denizli - Afyon road you reach the town of Kalkik and 6km from there is the very impressive Cave of Kalkik where you can see how the travertine is formed.


Following the Izmir - Denizli main road for 37km you will arrive at the ancient city of Aphrodisias. This is where archaeologist Kenan Erim spent most of his life excavating and restoring his finds and who is actually buried here. The museum is at the entrance of the site which is a good place to start a tour, and next is the 10,000 seat theatre that will lead you on to the acropolis.  

Other points of interest include the Baths of Hadrian, a gymnasium, twin apse Byzantine church, baths of Aprhrodite and Hadrian, an agora and Odeon, the stunning temple of Aphrodite with 14 of its columns still standing, the Tetrapylon Gate which is one of the best preserved parts of the ancient city, and the stadium which is the largest in Anatolia measuring 362x59 metres that had a capacity for 30,000 people.  

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