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10 Best Turkish Baths in Turkey

10 Best Turkish Baths in Turkey

Turkish baths are a part of the Turkish culture. While residents in Sivas visit the Turkish baths at 5:00 am; bride bath tradition, which consists of bride and her family visiting the bath for a celebration, still continues in Edirne. 
Here is the list of 10 best Turkish Baths that you can visit in Turkey:

Istanbul Cagaloglu Bath

It was built during I. Mahmut in 1714. The bath is open for men between 07.00 and 22.00, and open for ladies between 08.00 and 22.00. Using the bath is 16 TL, pouching is 8 TL, massage is 11 TL. Ottoman service (Dry massage, rubbing, soapy massage, wash foam) is 48 YTL. There is a bar and restaurant inside the bath. Barbecue parties are being held in the garden during summer months; there is fireplace during the winter. Credit cards are not accepted; cash only.

Bursa Kervansaray Thermal Hotel

It is used since the Roman times. Its 44 degree thermal waters is rich with minerals in terms of calcium ions. The bath has a physical therapy and cure centre. The hotel’s thermal bath is open between 07.30 and 23.00. Using the bath is 10 TL, pouching is 8 TL, massage is 8.5 TL. Ladies and men have separate section within the bath.

Istanbul Galatasaray Bath

It was built in 1715, but renovated in 1965. Unfortunately, during the renovation in the 60s, it lost many of its original features. It serves men between 06.00-22.00 and women between 08.00-22.00. Pouching and massage is 3 YTL, washing is 32 TL. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available. Parties of 20 or more can have the bath to themselves. 

Istanbul Suleymaniye Bath

It is an important part of the Suleymaniye Mosque . It has been closed for 82 years, however it is now renovated and re-opened for service. The bath has a well, and its water is believed to heals jaundice. It is only open for men between 06.00 and 24.00. Using the bath is 6 TL, pouching is 3.5 TL, and massage is 4 TL. If wanted, it can be closed for a party of women. This bath is the favourite one for Italian, Spanish and Chinese tourists. 

Edirne Sokullu Bath

It was built by the architect Sinan in 16th century. The bath has the biggest dome, size and garden. 'Bride Day' celebrations are organised in this bath. Foreign tourists visiting this bath is normally from Greece and Bulgaria. Normally, serves men between 07.00 and 23.00. Entering the bath is 4.5 TL.

Sivas Historical Square Bath

It was built in 1564 during III. Murat era. The bath was constructed at the same time with the Square Mosque. It is open every day between 05.00 and 24.00. Entering the bath is 4 TL, pouching is 2 TL and massage is between 5-10 TL. 

Istanbul Sofular Bath

It was built by II. Beyazit Foundation in the beginning of the 16th century. It is clean and well-maintained. It is open to men between 06.00 and 23.00, and open to women between 08.30 and 22.00. Entrance is 5.5 TL, pouching and massage is 2.5 TL. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available.

Trabzon Sekizdirek Bath

It is built by the Seljuks between 1072 and 1075. It is open every day between 06.00 and 23.00. However, the bath only serves women on Thursdays. Entrance is 5 TL, pouching and massage is 2 TL. Large group of tourists can rent the entire hamam for couple of hours.  

Istanbul Cemberlitas Bath

Cemberlitas is among the cleanest and best-kept hamams of Istanbul. It was built in 1584. It is one of the most beautiful works of the architect, Sinan. There are separate sections for men and women (haremlik and selamlik). It is open between 06.00 and 24.00. Entrance is 15 TL, pouching and massage is 10 TL. Credit cards are accepted. The personnel working at this bath know English very well. Free accident insurance is made for customers during their washing. Tea, coffee, and fruit juices are available.

Istanbul Uskudar Old Bath

It was built in the 15th century and normally called as the ‘Old Bath’, as it is the oldest hamam in Uskudar. You can use this bath the day before your wedding as it provides bride and groom bathing services. It is open to men between 06.00 and 21.00 and open to women between 09.00 and 17.00. Using the bath is 6.5 TL, pouching is 2.5 TL, and massage is 4 TL. There are separate sections for women and men. 



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